BRF Archive, Drawing, 1888-1890, Greece, Athens, Church of Hagioi Theodoroi, E ELevation, India ink and Watercolour, Cartridge paper, Dimension; 33x50 cm, Creators: R. Weir-Schiltz, S. Barnsley, Unpublished.

Theodoroi, Hagioi, Klauthmonos Sq., Athens

Area: Klauthmonos Sq., Athens
Type: Cross-in-Square
Date: middle of the 11th century


The church is near Klathmonos Square, in Evripidou and Skuleniou Street, in the center of Athens. It is an eminent Byzantine monument of Greece dated to the middle of the 11th century. It is a simple, distyle, cross-in-square church. The historical evidence on the church is a founder’s inscription walled above its entrance in the west. The foundation date is mentioned in the inscription, 1049 or 1065 – specialists disagree on the reading of the date. Nikolaos Kalomalos, spatharocandidatus (Byzantine official), is its founder. The monument is characterized by heavy proportions and massive three-sided apses. In general, it has ancient features since it was built on an older church, which must have influenced the present one. Its masonry is cloisonné. The bell-tower is posterior and fragments from the marble screen of the church were incorporated into it. The frescoes are much more recent (20th century) and they have been painted by Athanasius Kandris.

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