The church of Theotokos on the early Christian basilica ruins. W side. (Photograph: Chr. Kontogeorgopoulou)

Theotokos (Hagia Anna), Porto-Germeno

Area: Aigosthena (Porto-Germeno)
Type: Triconch Domed
Date: 11th - 12th century

During the middle Byzantine period a small three conch church dedicated to the Virgin Mary was built in the west of the old basilica apse. The presence of a monastery is conjectured by building remnants in the environment. Based on coins found in the area (Konstantinos IX Monomachos and Manouel I Komnenos) we assume that the small church must have functioned during the 11th and 12 century. It is mainly built out of ancient re-used material and it bears inscriptions. A votive inscription was located on the northeastern corner dedicated to Great Constantine’s son, Flavius Klaudius Constantine.