Hagios Stephanos (first half of the 13th century), Church of H. Georgios, Palaios Oropos, 2, 035 x 0,6

Hagios Stephanos, Palaios Oropos

Area: Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens
Date: 1st half of the 13th century


The figure of the holy deacon, who is identified with Stephan or Euplon, has been removed from the northern pilaster of the central apse of the small church. The representation is preserved in good condition. The saint is depicted standing, beardless with youthful face characteristics. He is wearing a deacon uniform and he is holding a golden incense case in his left hand, while his right hand is on his chest. The fine figure with the monumental character is presented in a concise and pictorial manner. His gentle characteristics are depicted accurately, his hair is short and well-looked-after, his expression peaceful and serious, which lends spiritual authority and tension. The representation is on the second coating of the wall paintings in the small church in Oropos, which is deserted today . It belongs to those from the conch of the sanctuary. It is a typical specimen of the local painting of the 13th century.

Church of Hagios Georgios: it' s a 13th century ruined basilica, SW of Old Oropos village. The frescoes have been remooved and are now displayed at the Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens.  Traces of the frescoes are still visible on parts of the walls.