Three Hierarchs, (first half of the 13th century), Church of Hagios Georgios, Palaios Oropos, 2,12x2,32m.

Three Hierarchs, Palaios Oropos

Area: Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens
Date: 1st half of the 13th century


It is a representation on the second layer of the wall painting of today’s small deserted temple. It comes from the southern part of the conch of the temple and it is the continuation of the "Three Hierarchs". The synthesis, which is also surrounded by a red band, is preserved in bad condition with a lot of damages on the Hierarchs’ faces. From left to right three more Fathers of the Church are depicted head-on and with the whole body. They are Hagios Basileios, another one unidentified, and Hagios Klimis. All of them wear their pontificals denoting their ecclesiastical rank, a sticharion, a sacque, and phelonia with many crosses. They hold closed codes. The fact that the figures are depicted to their face is a characteristic of the archaic iconography of the representation. However, the monumental character of the Fathers of the Church with the rough features that demonstrate psychological depth and spiritual morals, in combination with the painter’s rich expressive means prove that we deal with a worthy artist active in the first half of the 13th century.

Church of Hagios Georgios: it' s a 13th century ruined basilica, SW of Old Oropos village. The frescoes have been remooved and are now displayed at the Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens.Traces of the frescoes are still visible on parts of the walls.