Two fragments with red bands (Beginning of the 6th century), Well in Herodou Attikou Str. I): 0,97 x 0,68 m. II): 0,97 x 0,60m.

Red Bands, Herodou Attikou Str.

Area: Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens
Date: beginning of the 6th century

The two fragments come from the NW corner of room 10 of an extensive building complex, probably of a public character. The latter was located during the recent construction work in the Athenian metropolitan railway. The mansion, which covered an area of 510 square meters, was founded in the 2nd century A.D. on an older cemetery. It consisted of 15 rooms, 4 of which were decorated with mosaics and wall paintings. Red interlaced bands probably forming rectangular frames are depicted on an off-white ground.