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Two Angels, Kalamos

Area: Byzantine and Christian Mouseum, Athens
Date: 1st half of the 13th century


The fragment with the two angels consists of 15 agglutinated parts and belonged to a synthesis, most probably the Synaxis of the Asomatoi or the Last Judgment. Two angels are preserved till the shoulders, while on the left we can detect fragment of a halo, probably of another angel. The two figures face towards the right and bear haloes of different colors, the one on the left ochre and the one on the right red. Both angels wear luxurious garments embroidered with precious stones. The figures have wide open eyes, arched eyebrows and big crooked noses. These traits in combination with the schematic attribution of the hair and the lax attribution of the naked flesh and the faces with no spirituality lead us to the conclusion that these wall paintings were the work of local artists of the first 15 years of the 13th century.

The church of Hagios Nikolaos lies in the Cemetery of Kalamos outside of the village. It is a cross-vaulted church, which is built on an older temple, dated to the 13th century. It is rubble masonry without brick-work or dentil courses. From the wall paintings decorating the interior only fragments from the roof have been preserved, mainly saints’ and angels’ faces.