Angel 's head with blue halo, Kalamos

Area: Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens
Date: 1st half of the 13th century


The fragment is preserved in bad condition. The upper part of an angel head with a blue halo is depicted turned to the side. Behind and on the right is portrayed – probably frontally - the figure of a second angel in gold-embroidered garments as well as a red sphere with a white cross in the middle. On the left is preserved part of a third angel’s luxurious attire as well as part of wings. The representation belonged to a wider synthesis with angels and heavenly powers such as the Synaxis of the Asomatoi.

The church of Hagios Nikolaos lies in the Cemetery of Kalamos outside of the village. It is a cross-vaulted church, which is built on an older temple, dated to the 13th century. It is rubble masonry without brick-work or dentil courses. From the wall paintings decorating the interior only fragments from the roof have been preserved, mainly saints’ and angels’ faces.