Ilissos basilica: It is the basilica (nowadays, in ruins) that was built on an Ilissos islet, in the east of the Olympiion, where nowadays is situated Fokianou swimming pool. It resembles (but it has smaller dimensions) Lechaiou basilica dedicated to Hagios Leonidios and the seven women who martyred with the saint. According to the saint’s mass book, their relics had been washed by the sea to the western harbor in Korinthos, where they were buried. In all probability, the location choice (islet, river) wanted to refer to water due to the afore-mentioned incident. The basilica was dedicated to the same saint and the seven women martyrs. It is three-aisled with a transept, a narthex and an atrium. The martyrium of Hagios Leonidis, bishop of Athens, lies in the northern wall. It is a 4th century building anterior to the basilica, which is dated to the first half of the 5th century based on the mosaic floors.