Octagonal: It is a variation of the cross-in-square church but in this case the dome is supported by eight pilasters peripherally. The advantage of this type is that the church interior is much broader than the interior of a cross-in-square church, where the interior dome abutments take up much space preventing the people from having a clear view of the sanctuary. Furthermore, unlike cross-in-square churches, in the octagonal ones it is easier to see the Pantokrator in the dome, since the dome is visible from the entrance because the church is bigger. However, their disadvantage is that externally these churches look massive due to the big diameter of their dome. On the contrary, cross-in-square churches are more elegant. The oldest octagonal church is the katholikon of the Monastery of Hosios Loukas in Phocis (1011). Other churches of the same type are the New Monastery on Chios (Nea Moni Chios) and Sotira Lykodemou.