Baptistery: Building complex annexed to the early Christian basilicas. It usually consists – apart from the yard or the external area of the baptism in contact with the southern aisle of the basilica - of two more rooms annexed to the afore-mentioned yard. The building arrangement of the baptistery was in total accordance with the ritual order during the baptism. Thus, the baptized to be from the yard or the exterior house, where the blessing, the exorcism and the profession of faith took place went into the interior, the photisterion. There he would get undressed, get anointed with the sacred oil and recite the Symbol of the Faith in front of the bishop. Finally the baptism in the font would take place with the symbolism of diving and ascension. Therefore, there was a built font in the center of the photisterion. The newly baptized dressed in white received the chrism by the bishop in the chrismarion, the room north of the photisterion where from he entered the church in order to attend the mass in front of the Holy Bema for the first time.