National Hellenic Research Foundation: The EURAXESS Services Centre for the region of Attica/Athens

In the Framework of the National Network of Mobility Centers, under the acronym Pytheas, the National Hellenic Research Foundation assumed in 2004 the role of the EURAXESS Services Centre for the region of Attica where we have a high concentration of research potential in Universities, Technological Institutions, Research Centres and private firms.
Furthermore, all the ministries involved in research issues with their relevant services are located in Athens giving thus the opportunity for interministerial networking with a view to identifying and helping in raising the obstacles to the mobility of researchers (‘mobstacles’).

The EURAXESS Services Centre of the National Hellenic Research Foundation provides researchers with information and assistance regarding:

- The institutional framework of mobility (legislation, regulatory measures, competent authorities and validated procedures for the admission, residence and work permits) for EU and third countries researchers.

- The contractual status, the social security and taxation issues related with research profession and career,

- Practical Issues such as housing, schooling, nursing, medical care, living conditions in the major area of Athens, entertainment etc.

- The existing helpdesk services or equivalent units in Universities and Research Centres (liaison offices, career offices)

- The interaction with Institutions and other entities dealing with mobility issues such as Marie Curie Fellowships Association (MCFA) or Eurodoc.

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