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- What are the Marie-Curie actions?

- Which are the main actions of PEOPLE specific programme?

- How do the FP7 Marie Curie Actions differ from FP6 Marie Curie Actions?


What are the Marie-Curie actions?

The Marie Curie Actions support the training and mobility of researchers within the context of promoting excellence in European research. They provide opportunities for individual researchers and organisations - universities, research institutes and companies - to develop their research skills and training capacity,  by building on industrial and academic expertise within Europe and across the world, through staff exchanges, secondments, postgraduate and postdoctoral fellowships.

The "Marie Curie Actions" are open to ALL domains of research and technological development addressed under the EC Treaty (i.e. all scientific fields). Mobility, trans-national and intersectoral, is a key feature throughout the ''Marie Curie Actions''.

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Which are the main actions of PEOPLE specific programme?

The ''People'' Specific Programme will be implemented through actions under five headings:

'Initial training of researchers' to improve mostly young researchers' career perspectives in both public and private sectors, by broadening their scientific and generic skills, including those related to technology transfer and entrepreneurship;

'Life-long training and career development' to support experienced researchers in complementing or acquiring new skills and competencies or in enhancing inter/multidisciplinarity and/or inter-sectoral mobility, in resuming a research career after a break and in (re)integrating into a longer term research position in Europe after a trans-national mobility experience.

'Industry-academia pathways and partnerships' to stimulate intersectoral mobility and increase knowledge sharing through joint research partnerships in longer term co-operation programmes between organisations from academia and industry, in particular SMEs and including traditional manufacturing industries.

'International dimension', to contribute to the life-long training and career development of EU-researchers, to attract research talent from outside Europe and to foster mutually beneficial research collaboration with research actors from outside Europe.

'Specific actions' to support removing obstacles to mobility and enhancing the career perspectives of researchers in Europe.

For further information on the PEOPLE programme please download the Work Programme for 2007.

WORK PROGRAMME 2011 (of 19/07/2010) (357 Kb)

WORK PROGRAMME 2010 (of 29/07/2009) (333 Kb)

WORK PROGRAMME 2009 (of 22/08/2008) (414 Kb)

WORK PROGRAMME 2008 (of 28/11/2007) (464 Kb)


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How do the FP7 Marie Curie Actions differ from FP6 Marie Curie Actions?

The budget has increased from 1.8bn€ under FP6 (4 year programme) to 4.7bn€ under FP7 (7 year programme). There is much continuity between the two, though some actions have disappeared as stand-alone actions and been merged into one action or they have become part of a couple of actions as per the table below.  There is no longer support for Excellence Teams under the Marie Curie Actions, though the European Research Council's (ERC) 'Starting Independent Research Grant' covers similar aims. The ERC is funded under FP7.  

The FP6 action Transfer of Knowledge - Development (TOK-DEV) no longer exists however a scheme with similar aims, the 'Research Potential' action, has been developed and is funded under the 'Capacities' Specific Programme.

FP7 actions


Directly transferable?

Indirectly transferable?


Research Training Networks, Host Fellowships for Early Stage Research Training

Series of Events, Excellence Chairs

Initial training of researchers

Intra-European Fellowships, European Re-integration Grants


Industry-Academia Pathways and Partnerships

ToK-Industry Academia Strategic Partnerships

Series of Events

International Dimension

Outgoing International Fellowships, Incoming International Fellowships, International Reintegration grants 
International Research Staff Exchange Scheme


Specific Actions

Excellence Awards



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- "Information Leaflet on "PEOPLE" - GREEK [PDF 324KB] 22/12/2006

- CALLS for ''PEOPLE'' programme (CORDIS)

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