Curriculum Vitae


PhD 2004 - University of Patras, Dept. of Chemistry, Patras Greece.
Supervisor: Prof. J. Matsoukas,
MSc 2003 Department of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece
B. A. 2001 Department of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece

December 2004 - April 2005 Institute of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
National Hellenic Research Foundation

Foreign Language English, French

Research activities

Conformational and Thermal Analysis of Novel Antihypertensive Molecules.
Use of NMR in combination with thermal Analysis with DSC in order to determine the drug conformations in different approach is applied to several AT1 antagonists already approved for the control of hypertension. Efforts to improve the pharmacokinetic properties of ACE inhibitors by binding them with PEG in several Mr.

Recent Publication
1. Design of New Liposome Formulation and Encapsulation of the Synthetic Anticancer Drug Leuprolide Acetate and Study of its Thermal Effects on Membrane Bilayers.V. Saroglou, S. Hatziantoniou, M. Smyrniotakis, T. Mavromoustakos, A. Zompra, V. Magafa, P. Cordopatis, C. Demetzos. J. Peptide Sci. 2004 (10 Sup)H41. 4th Hellenic Forum on Bioactive Peptides. April 22-24 2004, Patras-Hellas.

2. Efforts to Esterify Captopril with Polyethylenoglycol. M. Smyrniotakis, I. Kyrikou, K. Demetzos, K. Viras, T. Mavromoustakos. J. Peptide Sci. 2004 (10 Sup)H52. 4th Hellenic Forum on Bioactive Peptides. April 22-24, 2004 Patras-Hellas.


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