The Department for Organic & Medicinal Chemistry (OMC) researchers are also actively involved in the education and lifelong learning of young new scientists.

The Department for Organic & Medicinal Chemistry (OMC) constitutes an educational centre ideally structured for the transfer of knowledge and expertise at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate scientists

Every year approximately 40 young scientists receive training in the multidisciplinary and complementary research activities of the Department in the frame of their final year, MSc and PhD projects.

During the last three years, IOPC researchers have trained 10 European Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), in the design, synthesis, and biological assessment of bioactive molecules with the financial support of the FP6 program "Marie Curie Host Fellowships Project for Early Stage Research Training (EST)-EURODESY".

The first "School of Drug Design" was organized in 2006 by the Department for Organic & Medicinal Chemistry (OMC) and is of annual basis.
The main objective of the school is to increase awareness of the significance and the recent advances of research in the life sciences and health field. The school is attended by undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students. Emphasis is given on applications of Structural Biology and Chemistry in drug design and hands-on experience in X-ray protein crystallography, NMR spectroscopy and Molecular Modeling methods.

The Department for Organic & Medicinal Chemistry (OMC) contributes towards the dissemination of scientific knowledge and culture
IOPC researchers participate in the organization of a wide variety of open educational events targeting a variety of age groups. In particular, in the frame of NHRF educational activities (in collaboration with the British Council) IOPC participated in the design and organization of the annual event entitled "Sunday Mornings - Discover the Marvelous world of Sciences", dedicated to students of primary and secondary school.


"The scientific knowledge and the research achievements of the Department are promoted in the Researcher's night"

In 2008 the Department for Organic & Medicinal Chemistry (OMC), with EU financial support, organised a "Researcher's Night" (EURORES). The main objective of the project was to bring researchers closer to the Hellenic society, to increase their public recognition and strengthen their role in the research and technological developments of Greece. In parallel, EURORES aimed to stimulate the interest of young people to consider the profession of researcher among their future career options.

Implementation costs related to the aforementioned IOPC educational activities are exclusively covered by competitive programs and sponsorships.


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