Targeted scientific services

The Department for Organic & Medicinal Chemistry (OMC) provides specialised scientific services to academia and industry based on the accumulated know-how of its personnel and the state of the art infrastructure of the Department. †

An indicative list of services is shown below:

• Design and optimization of synthesis methodologies.
• Design and synthesis of chemical compounds (organic, organometallic) with predetermined properties†††(physical, chemical).
• Structure characterization (identification) of organic molecules, organometallic complexes, bioactive metabolites using NMR and Mass spectroscopy.
• Crystallographic studies of macromolecular targets.

The Department for Organic & Medicinal Chemistry (OMC) services address the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Cosmetics industrial sectors.

Three service units operate within the Department for Organic & Medicinal Chemistry (OMC):

A) NMR facility
B) MS facility
C) Protein X-ray Crystallography facility


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