Synthesis of new compounds with potential applications in

  • health &
  • material science

Novel bioactive compounds targeting diseases of high socio-economic impact, including neurodegenerative, cardiovascular and parasitic diseases, as well as type2 diabetes and pain.

New dendritic molecules with potential applications in: a) Biomedicine (e.g. as drug and gene delivery systems, in photodynamic therapy of cancer) and b) in Material Science (organometallic dendrimers as near-infrared dyes, as metal chelators and as modified resins for solid phase synthesis).

New catalytic systems in organic synthesis: (a) transition-metal complexes in homogeneous catalysis with a particular emphasis in asymmetric catalysis and catalysis in aqueous media; (b) metal nanoparticles in semi-heterogeneous catalysis; (c) organocatalysts in asymmetric aqueous catalysis.

Development of novel synthetic methodologies: a) use of non-classical synthetic techniques (ultrasound and microwaves), b) novel organometallic methodologies, and c) solid phase organic synthesis.



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