Institute for Neohellenic Research


The Institute's research activities are organized in three sections of coordinated projects:
I. Cultural History (Literary History, Historiography, History of Science, Geographical Culture and History of Cartography, Religious Art, Institutions and Ideology in Modern Greek Society)
II. Economic and Social History (History of Enterprises and Industrial Archaeology, Historical Study of Settlements in Greece, Ottoman Studies, Travel Networks, Diplomatic and Consular Networks)
III. Contemporary Political History (Documenting the Political and Social History of the 20th Century, History of Political Ideas, The Greek Press, Historical Archive of Greek Youth)

INR / NHRF International Academic Events, 2006-2010

I. International Conference: "The Making of Modern Greece: Nationalism, Romanticism, & the Uses of the Past, 1797-1896" (in association with King's College, London, September 2006)
II. Conference: "Scholars, Travels, Archives: The Contribution of the British School at Athens to Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies" (in association with the British School at Athens, October 2006)
III. Incontro di studio di Storia dell'Arte: "Pittura bizantina e pittura italiana. Vie ed incontri dalle Crociate alla caduta di Candia, 1096-1669" (in association with IBR / NHRF, Athens, November 2006)
IV. Conference: "April 21, 1967: Forty Years After" (exhibition, documentary screening and academic gatherings, in association with the Contemporary Social History Archives, April 2007)
V. 1st International Conference of Karamanlidika Studies (in association with the University of Cyprus, Nicosia, September 2008)
VI. 6th International History Congress: "The Enlightenment and Religion: The Orthodox World" (Athens, December 2009)
VII. International Conference on Business History: "Why does Business History Matter?" (Athens, April 2010)
VIII. Workshop: "Between Religion and Language" (in association with the Yildiz Technical University, June 2010)   
IX. Congress: "Greeks in the International Trade of the South of the Russian Empire, XVIII-XIX Centuries" (in association with the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ionian University, Kiev, October 2010)
Χ. 3rd Greek-Balkan Colloquium: "Greek-Serbian Relations (18th-19th Centuries)" (in association with the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts / Institute for Balkan Studies, Athens, October 2010)
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INR / NHRF Publications

  • 118 monographs
  • 33 volumes of the periodical series Working Papers
  • 47 titles of the Historical Archive of Greek Youth
  • 33 volumes of conference proceedings and annual publications
  • 35 volumes of the INR / NHRF Newsletter
  • 14 titles of the C. Th. Dimaras Annual Lecture

What deserves to be underlined, however, is the publication, since 2004, of a bilingual academic journal (in English and French, available in hard copy and on-line), The Historical Review / La Revue Historique, which counts 8 volumes to date and has successfully reached out to an international readership, while also being indexed in well-established internet databases (such as Historical Abstracts and the Arts and Humanities Citation Index).

All INR / NHRF publications are considered innovative and reliable tools for the study of Modern Greek culture and society and are widely used by the research community (see the detailed catalogue at:


State funding of the INR / NHRF covers strictly regular personnel costs only. All other activities (functional expenditures, publications, organization of conferences and seminars, scientific missions, project contracts, etc.), are funded entirely by external sources (including EU framework programmes, studies and R&D contracted by firms, local authorities and other legal entities, income from sales of books and services, donations, etc.).




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