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  • Katerina Dede - Dimitris Dimitropoulos - Tasos Sakellaropoulos (eds.)
    Fears and hopes in later years
  • Sophia Germanidou
    Byzantine Honey Culture
  • Thanassis Papazotos
    Macedonian Notes. Byzantine - Post-Byzantine
  • Κάρποφ
    History of the Empire of Trebizond
  • Katerina Dede
    The short political life of the National Progressive Center
    Union (EPEK): The emergence of the Center in post-Civil War Greece
  • Yiannis E. Meimaris, Kalliope Kritikakou-Nikolaropoulou, Sebastian P. Brock
    Inscriptions From Palaestina Tertia. Vol Ic. The Jewish Aramaic Inscriptions From Ghor es-Safi (Byzantine Zoora)
  • Mia Gaia Trentin (ed.)
    Animam Deo reddit. The Parish Register of the Dead Santa Maria of Larnaka



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