Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute (TPCI)





The Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute (TPCI) was founded in 1979 and is one of the three research institutes of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Its main objectives are:

  • the development and advancement of scientific knowledge and technological innovation of advanced materials with functionality in selected fields at the forefront of synthetic and physical chemistry, theoretical and computational chemistry and materials science, and photonics,
  • the education and training of early-stage researchers (undergraduate and postgraduate students, PhD candidates) and experienced researchers (postdoctoral scientists),
  • the promotion of developing know-how in selected areas of technological applications and the provision of research services through specialized laboratories and infrastructure to the private sector.

The research groups of the Institute contribute substantially to the advancement of scientific knowledge and technological innovation. The collaboration of the Institute's research activities achieves proof-of-concept for selected and targeted applications, the development of prototype devices, and the scaling up and application of technologies developed to bridge the gap between laboratory research, the private sector and society.

The infrastructure of TPCI includes specialized laboratories for synthesis, structural and spectroscopic characterization of advanced materials with designed functionality, platforms for the evaluation and assessment of optical, electrochemical and thermal properties, clean-rooms for photonics and nano-applications, as well as a computer facility fully equipped with up-to-date software for materials properties’ calculations.

Regarding the internal organization of the Institute, there is the Scientific Council, which with its upgraded role (Law 4310/2014 Article 17 & Law 4386/2016 Article 15) is a forum for research policy production. The staff of the Institute consists of (a) Research Staff, which are Researchers and Special Functional Scientists. Today (January 2022), the Research Staff of TPCI numbers 17 researchers with high scientific experience and training. The staff of the Institute also includes (b) Special Scientific Technical Staff, with one member, which performs specialized work to support research activities, (c) Administrative and Auxiliary Staff, which currently consists of a secretary, and supports the operation and implementation programs and projects of the Institute, while there is also (d) Collaborating and Other Staff, with the participation of a changing number of collaborating researchers, students, postgraduates, postdoctoral, and other temporary staff and visiting researchers.



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