Materials Synthesis and Physical Chemistry
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Materials Synthesis and Physical Chemistry

Real time monitoring of aminoplastic resin production

Depending on manufacturing conditions, formaldehyde-based resins, widely used as adhesives in the wood panel industry, can have a variety of properties to match the different kinds of demands in wood bonding. As a result, the control of the synthetic conditions during industrial synthesis is critical in defining the quality and reproducibility of the product.

In collaboration with Chimar Hellas SA, we have designed and developed a system allowing for the on-line acquisition of high resolution Near-Infrared spectra in industrial reactors.

Spectroscopic indicators are extracted and displayed in real-time to monitor the nature and concentration of reactants, intermediates or products, and enable steering the reaction along the desired pathway. Similarly, identification or quantification chemometric algorithms have been developed for the quality control of raw materials or final products.

Protected by US Patent No. 6,639,044 and International Patent applications WO 02/051898 and WO 02/061404.


G. Chryssikos
V. Gionis








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