Materials Synthesis and Physical Chemistry
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Materials Synthesis and Physical Chemistry

Maker-fringe Technique

Schematic [1] of the first experimental set-up used for the observation of Second Harmonic Generation patterns in quartz by Maker et al.: (1) ruby laser, (2) focusing lens, (3) quartz plate sample, (4) collimator lenses, (5) prism, (6) photo plate.

[1] ''Second-order nonlinear optical properties induced by thermal poling in photonic oxide glasses and transparent glass-ceramics'', E. Fargin, T. Cardinal, A. Malakho, M. Dussauze, E.I. Kamitsos, V. Rodriguez, M. Couzi, F. Adamietz, L. Canioni, B. Bousquet, P. Thomas and S.G. Murugan, Photonic Glasses and Glass-ceramics, G.S. Murugan (Ed.), Research Signpost, India, 2009, Ch. 4 (ISBN: 978-81-308-0365-4).

Experimental (symbols) and calculated (red line) second harmonic generation Maker-fringe pattern for -quartz crystal (Z-cut, 0.3 mm thick) for ss polarization. The data were acquired with thw TPCI SHG setup.



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