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National Hellenic Research Foundation
Institute of Chemical Biology
48 Vassileos Constantinou Ave.
116 35 Athens

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Institute Director

Pintzas Alexandros
Research Director
Signal Mediated Gene Expression






Calogeropoulou Theodora, PhD T: + tcalog[at]  
Chasapis Christos, PhD T: + cchasapis[at]  
Chochos Christos, PhD T: + chochos[at]  
Chondrogianni Niki, PhD T: + nikichon[at]  
Chrysina Evangelia, PhD T: + echrysina[at]  
Georgiadis Panagiotis, PhD T: + panosg[at]  
Gonos Efstathios, PhD T: + sgonos[at]  
Katsila Theodora, PhD T: + thkatsila[at]  
Kostas Ioannis, PhD T: + ikostas[at]  
Koufaki Maria, PhD T: + mkoufa[at]  
Magoulas George, PhD T: + gmagoulas[at]  
Mitsiou Dimitra, PhD T: + dmitsiou[at]  
Mitsou Evgenia, PhD   emitsou[at]  
Papadimitriou Vassiliki, PhD T: + vpapa[at]  
Papahatjis Demetris, PhD T: + dpapah[at]  
Pintzas Alexandros, PhD T: + apint[at]  
Pletsa Vassiliki, PhD T: + vpletsa[at]  
Prousis Kyriakos, PhD T: + kyrprous[at]  
Souliotis Vassilis, PhD T: + vls[at]  
Stellas Dimitrios, PhD T: + dstellas[at]  
Voutsina Alexandra, PhD T: + voutsina[at]  
Zervou Maria, PhD T: + mzervou[at]  
Zographos Spyros, PhD T: + sez[at]  
Zoumpourlis Vassilis, PhD T: + vzub[at]  
Collaborating Researchers      
Chatziioannou Aristotelis, PhD T: + achatzi[at]  
Skretas Georgios, PhD T: + gskretas[at]  
Ζoumpoulakis Panagiotis, PhD T: + pzoump[at]  

Research Scientists

Arbez-Gindre Cecile, PhD (FS B) T: + carbezgindre[at]  
Karakitsios Spiros, PhD (FS A) Τ: + karakitsios[at]  
Papadodima Olga, PhD (FS B) T: + opapadod[at]  
Reis Heribert, PhD (FS B) T: + hreis[at]  
Zoumpanioti Maria, PhD (FS B) T: + mariaz[at]  
Scientific Technical Personnel      
Antonopoulou Georgia, PhD T: + gant[at]  
Bekyrou Margarita, BSc T: + mbekyr[at]  
Ganou Vassiliki, ΜSc T: + vganou[at]  
Kaila Stella, BSc T: + stellak[at]  
Kosmidou Paraskevi, ΜSc T: + vkosmidou[at]  
Matzapetakis Manolis, PhD T: + (Office)
T: + (NMR Lab)
Siapi Eleni, ΜSc T: + esiapi[at]  
Sotiroudis George, ΜSc T: + gsotir[at]  
Stamou Panagiota, PhD T: + pstamou[at]  
Voutetakis Κonstantinos, ΜSc, PhD T: + kvoutet[at]  
Youroukos Nikos, BSc T: + nyourouk[at]  
Researchers Emeriti      
Heropoulos George, PhD T: + gherop[at]  
Kyrtopoulos Soterios, PhD T: + skyrt[at]  
Micha-Screttas Maria, PhD T: + mskreta[at]  
Papadopoulos Manthos , PhD T: + mpapad[at]  
Screttas Constantinos, PhD T: + kskretas[at]  
Sotiroudis Theodoros, PhD T: + tsotir[at]  
Steele Barry, PhD T: + bsteele[at]  
Xenakis Aristotelis, PhD T: + arisx[at]  
Post Doctoral Researchers      
Adamaki Maria, PhD T: + madamaki[at]  
Anna Gioran, PhD agioran[at]  
Boulaka Athina, PhD T: + aboulaka[at]  
Chalikiopoulou Constantina, PhD T: +‬ cchalikio[at]  
Charavgi Maria-Despoina, PhD T: + mcharavgi[at]  
Chatzidaki Maria, PhD T: + mhatzidaki[at]  
Fotopoulou Theano, PhD T: + tfotop[at]  
Giopanou Ioanna, PhD T: + giopanou[at]  
Kapetanou Marianna, PhD T: + mkapetanou[at]  
Katsamakas Sotiris, PhD T: + sotikats[at]  
Kritsi Eytichia, PhD T: + ekritsi[at]  
Matis Ilias, PhD T: + / 758 iliasmatis[at]  
Tenchiu Alia, PhD T: + tenchiu[at]  
Tsaka Thalia, PhD T: + perimenis[at]  
Tsitsanou Katerina, PhD T: + kats[at]  
Tzani Andromahi, PhD T: + atzani[at]  
Zarafeta Dimitra, PhD T: + dzarafeta[at]  
Scientific Personnel      
Athanasopoulou Sofia, MSc T: + sathan[at]  
Kalioraki Marianna T: + kalioraki[at]  
Kirkilesi Olga T: + okirkilessi[at]  
Mougkolia Nikoletta T: + nikitamougkolia[at]  
Pyroti Georgia, MSc T: + gpiroti[at]  
Skaramalioraki Salomi T: + skarmalioraki[at]  
Vlassopoulou Marigoula T: + mvlassopoulou[at]  
PhD Students      
Bafiti Vivi, MSc T: + pmpafiti[at]  
Baliou Stella, MSc T: +  
Chazapi Evanthia T: + echaz[at]  
Christopoulos Ioannis T: + jchristopoulos[at]  
Demisli Sotiria T: + sdemisli[at]  
Giannakou Maria T: + m.giannakou[at]  
Goulielmaki Maria, Msc T: + mgoulielmaki[at]  
Kontogianni Georgia T: + gkontogianni[at]  
Latorrata Alessia T: + alatorrata[at]  
Liggri Panagiota G.V. , MSc T: +  
Michou Myrsini T: +  
Mitsou Evgenia, BSc T: + emitsou[at]  
Moros Georgios T: +  
Narducci Daniele  T: + dnarducci[at]  
Ouzounis Sotiris, MSc T: + souzounis[at]  
Panagiotidou Eleni, MSc T: + epanagiotidou[at]  
Papaevgeniou Nikoletta, MSc T: + npapaevgeniou[at]  
Pappa Maria  T: +  
Siakouli Dimitra T: +
Vasiliadi Evdokia T: + evassiliadi[at]  
Vasilopoulou Eleni T: + e.vasilopoulou[at]  
Vasilopoulou Maria, MSc T: + mvasilopoulou[at]  
Vidali Sofia T: + msvidali[at]  
Supporting administrative personnel      
Roussaki Marina T: + mroussaki[at]  
Militsi Athanasia T: + amilitsi[at]  
Supporting Personnel for Infrastructures      
Kakazanis Ioannis-Zacharias T: +    
Possazenikova Anastasia T: +    
Research Associates      
Botsivali Maria, PhD T: + mbotsi[at]  
Kolonti Irini T: +
Ladoukakis Eythimis, PhD T: + mladoukakis[at]  



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