The Institute has progressively built up a useful library consisting in two specialized sections of some 50.000 titles in subjects of immediate reference to its current research projects.

The Library of the Section of Greek and Roman Antiquity: possesses more than 10.000 volumes and another 10.000 selected offprints. Its collection has been enriched through programmes (such as "Aristeia"), and from an expanded network of exchanges with various foundations (research foundations and universities in Greece and abroad, foreign archaeological schools), as well as donations.

The D.A. Zakythinos Library: provides the researchers of the Section of Byzantine Research and the Section of Neohellenic Research with the necessary bibliographical support. Thus, the main bulk of titles reflect the orientation of the ongoing research projects. The Library holds approximately 40.000 titles (books, offprints, journals, maps and audio-visual material), covering a wide spectrum of Hellenic bibliography from the 16th to the 19th centuries. From its very beginning the Library was enriched by donations offered by institutions, writers, scholars and bibliophiles. Special mention is due to the donations of Ioannis Sareyiannis (1962, 4.866 titles - closed collection), Alexandros Benakis (1979, 1.494 titles incorporated in the main collection) and Michael Stefanides (1995, 100 titles - closed collection).

The Library's catalogue is accessible through the web ( Participation in the ARGO Project and continuous collaboration with the National Documentation Centre (NDC) led the library to the internet environment.




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