Photonics for Nanoapplications

Photonics for Nano-applications
Photonic Sensing and Metrology

-Nanostructured Photonic Sensors
Measuring the parameters of the environment without the intervention of physical contact and power dissipation is not an easy task. Application requirements for point detection, in the micro-, or even the nano-scale, are becoming very stringent when combined with the need for a plurality of detection points, multi-sensoric outputs and minimal cost. Specific areas of deployment spun from agriculture and forestry, urban and industrial pollution control, safety at workplace, biomedical diagnostics, security and defense.
Existing sensor technologies, both electronic and optical, suffer from several impediments in terms of technology complexity, instrument size, power budget, capital and running costs.
The engineered photonic nanocomposites of our interest are offering innovative tools for environmental and biomedical sensing. The design and implementation of advanced composite materials designs in the form of thin films or coatings opens up new approaches for the implementation of novel interactions of light and matter and the acquisition of useful environmental data through them. Indeed, the physical and the chemical microenvironment affect the nanocomposite structure to a degree higher to that of, for example, a pure crystalline medium. In the specific embodiments pursued and demonstrated here, chemical vapors induce nanocrystallite complexation. This effect is optically interrogated by a laser beam thus providing remote, contactless means for detection and quantitative monitoring.

Remote point sensors for physicochemical agents


Enhanced performances are implemented by designer photonic structures of interferometric, diffractive / holographic nature produced by structural and morphological tailoring. Respective methodologies in free-space and optical waveguide configurations are also implemented to demonstrate.
Sensors and Integrated Photonic Information Processing is a further objective aiming towards future systems for environmental control, biomedicine, safety and security. Prototype Photonic Devices are optoelectronically integrated and tested in the unique Photonic Sensor Environmental Testing Platform established in the Photonics clean-room (Class 1000) laboratory.

-Quality monitoring and control
Development of optical and photonic techniques for optical inspection, measurement and photonic quality monitoring. Emphasis is placed on optical interferometric, holographic and imaging methods for the precise measurement of physical dimensions, physical/chemical parameters and process control. The objectives focus on the implementation of specifically developed non-destructive schemes and certification of products of industrial production, and on the control of the industrial processes and the environment.

Systems developed for specific applications include radiometric monitors, high-precision instruments for mechanical engineering manufacturing, three-dimensional profilers and security controls.


TPCI Staff
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Graduate Students: L.Athanasekos, M.Vasileiadis


3D Digital Design & Development Ltd., London, UK ( K.Kibasi)
Institute of Chemical Engineering & High Temperature Chemical Processes, FORTH Patras, Greece (S. Couris)
Institute of Electron Technology-Warsaw, Poland ( A. Piontrowska, E. Kaminska)
University of Salento- Lecce, Italy ( A. Perrone)
National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics Bucharest, Romania (I Mihailescu)
Optoelectronics Research Centre-University of Southampton, UK (RW Eason)
Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, FORTH, Heraklion Greece (S Pissadakis)
Hellenic Defense Systems, Athens, Greece (N Angelakis)
Department of Materials Science University of Patras, (I. Koutselas. D Alexandropoulos, V Karoutsos)



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