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The Greek and Balkan Pre- and Protohistory Programme

The Programme is primarily aimed at the study of the Greek and Balkan communities in Prehistoric and Protohistoric Periods through the data of archaeological research. Due to their location they largely determine the European Prehistory, as they are the first beneficiaries of innovations, which for various reasons were developed earlier in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In this context, due to the archaeological data it is attempting:

  • To clarify the social, cultural, technological and ideological evolution of prehistoric communities in SE Europe during the Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Periods, the relationships between them, the degree of interactions and their influence on the evolution of the other areas of Europe.
  • The social, cultural and ideological elements that led during Protohistoric Times in the formation of various tribes in SE Europe and the degree of their interactions.



The Programme was founded in 1985 by academian M.B. Sakellariou as "Programme for Study of Palaiobalkan Peoples and Cultures" to promote the research of SE Europe Prehistory and Protohistory through archaeological data.
It is the only research program in Greece active in this area and the IGRA/IΗR/NHRF the first Greek institution developed excavation activities abroad for researching the Balkan Prehistory.



The Greek and Balkan Pre- and Protohistory Programme is headed by Ioannis Aslanis, Director of Research


Ongoing Projects

The Programme develops intensive research activity including following projects:

The Chalcolithic Age in Greece

Began in 1992 as one of the main research projects of the Programme. The research focuses on the evolution of prehistoric communities in Greece during the 5th and 4th Millennia, a time period which in Greece is included by many Prehistoricians in the Neolithic evolution context. However, the presence of many innovations in social, economic and technological structure of the 5th-4th Millennia communities differentiate and integrate them into the chalcolithic evolution context prevailing in the surrounding areas (Middle East. Asia Minor, SE Europe).

Among other investigated:

  • The Chalcolithic as an autonomous evolution period and its characteristics that differentiate it from the previous Neolithic and the following Bronze Age.
  • The discontinuity observed in the evolution of Chalcolithic communities from the 5th to the 4th millennium and the reasons that cause it.
  • The transition mode of prehistoric communities from the Chalcolithic to the Bronze Age, its causes and local variations.

Research results are presented in articles or international conferences.


Greek-Bulgarian excavation project "Promachon-Topolnica"

Involves (a) the excavation of a Neolithic settlement of the beginning of the 5th millennium subtended by the Greek-Bulgarian border line and (b) the joint publication of the findings of Greek and Bulgarian part of the settlement.
Partners of the Project: 17th Ephorie of the Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Archaeological Institute with Museum Sofia and IGRA/IHR/NHRF.

The aims of the joint team are:

  • Elucidation of the cultural development in the area of the middle Strymon valley during the 5th millennium BC.
  • Publication of the results in form of monographies
  • Organization of exhibition
  • The establishment of a Data Bank for the Late Neolithic material of the middle Strymon valley based on the material of the excavation from both (Greek and Bulgarian) sectors at the settlement Promachon-Topolnitsa.
  • Exploitation of the research results through participations in local and international scientific fora, lectures for the public, exhibition of the finds and publications.


Excavation project "Agios Mamas of Nea Olynthos" [Prehistoric Olynth]

Participation in the excavation of the Toumba Agios Mamas New Olynhtos in Halkidiki between 1994 and 1996 by Professor B. Hansel.
Partners of the Project: Freie Universitat Berlin, German Archaeological Institute of Athens, IGRA/IHR/NHRF.
Αim of the project is to investigate the prehistoric settlement Hagios Mamas of Nea Olyntos, which according to all indications is the Prehistoric Olynth, and clarifying the cultural development in the area of Northern Greece during the Middle and Late Bronze Age.

IGRA/IHR/HNRF participates in this project as collaborator by:

  • supporting the excavations, completed in the years 1994-1996.
  • studying of the material of the Middle Bronze Age.
  • Exploitation of the research results through participations in international scientific fora, lectures for the public and publications.


Greek – Bulgarian excavations project "YUNATSITE"

Τhe first excavation project in the Balkans by a Greek research institution.
The project began in the year 2002 as collaboration between KERA/IHR/NHRF, Greece, the Archeological Institute with a Museum (AIM) of BAN and the District Historical Museum (DHM) – Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.
The project is aimed at the research of the prehistoric Tell Yunatsite, near Pazardzhik, focusing on the function and structure of the Chalcolithic settlement. The excavation results will contribute significantly to elucidate the development in the western part of Thracian plain in the Chalcolithic period.
The results of the research presented at international and local conferences, lectures for the public, interviews in social media (Greek and Bulgarian TV), articles in the Greek and Bulgarian press and prepared for the final publication.



Of the total 53 publications related to the Programme following works are published by KERA:

  • "Η πρώτη εμφάνιση οχυρώσεων σε προϊστορικούς οικισμούς του αιγαιακού χώρου". Πρακτικά του διεθνούς επιστημονικού συμποσίου "Κέα-Κύθνος: Ιστορικές και αρχαιολογικές έρευνες", 22-25 Ιουνίου 1994, Μελετήματα 27, Αθήνα 1998, 109-115.
  • Ι. Ασλάνης «Οι οχυρώσεις στους οικισμούς του βορειοελλαδικού χώρου και η περίπτωση του Διμηνίου», Μελετήματα 10, 1990, 19-64.
  • Ι. Ασλάνη, Π. και Αν. Χρυσοστόμου «Αγροσυκιά. Ένας οικισμός των Προϊστορικών και Ιστορικών Χρόνων», ΚΕΡΑ – Παράρτημα Βέροιας, Βέροια 2002.



Ongoing collaborations with:

  • 17th and 28th Ephorie of Prehistoric and Classic Antiquities
  • Archaeological Institute with Museum of BAN, Bulgaria.
  • Freie Universitat Berlin
  • German Archaeological Institute of Athens.
  • District Historical Museum (DHM) – Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.












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