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Primary sources, history and culture of northern Greece


This comprehensive research program targets a major area of the Greek periphery in Antiquity; mostly neglected by research for a long period, Northern Greece has only been in the spotlight of scholarly interest during the last few decades. 
The Program's main objectives are the systematic collection, study and publication of primary sources for the history of Northern Greece, a solid foundation for the production of synthetic studies on the political, social, economic and cultural developments in this area.
Specifically, the program focuses on the study of epigraphic, numismatic and other archaeological sources, which constitute a significant body of primary evidence that allows us to complement and even revise the testimony of literary sources.


History of the Program

The Program "Primary sources, history and culture of northern Greece" is the result of the merger of the two, initially distinct, research programs on Macedonia and Thrace, with the major aim of publishing primary historical sources from these regions. A systematic collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the local Ephorates of Antiquities was therefore pursued. The successive contracts of collaboration with the Ministry of Culture (initially in 1981 and 1984, with a recent renewal in 2019) led to the constitution of the Epigraphical Archive of Macedonia and the publication of five corpora of inscriptions from Macedonia and Thrace.
From the aforementioned and other long-term collaboration projects, we have formed important collections of epigraphical, numismatic, onomastic and prosopographical material which are:
a) gradually published in corpora and
b) exploited by the researchers of the Program in monographs, articles and conference papers.

In addition to epigraphy and numismatics, which formed the original focus of interest of the Program's research, the areas of interest have been expanded in recent years to include iconography, funerary monuments, sculptured and painted monuments, as well as every-day life-related archaeological finds, for the study and publication of which collaborative projects were established with institutions belonging to the Greek Ministry of Culture.

For the systematic and synthetic study of archaeological finds from northern Greece, the Program's researchers have, over the years, formed significant archives (of epigraphic records, squeezes, drawings, casts, maps, photographs and pigments) which are at the disposal of the research community, and which are to be gradually digitized.

Finally, a bibliographic archive of publications pertaining to the periphery of northern Greece in Antiquity is the result of many years of systematic collection.



Sophia Kremydi, Research Director, program co-ordinator
Paschalis Paschidis, Research Director
Dimitra Andrianou, Senior Researcher
Harikleia Brekoulaki, Senior Researcher
Gabriella Parisaki, Senior Researcher
Myrina Kalaitzi, Senior Researcher

Other Members

Research Directors Emeriti and Former Researchers
Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos, Member of the Academy of Athens, Research Director Emer., former Director of the Section of Greek and Roman Antiquity
Ioannis Aslanis, Research Director Emer., former Coordinator of The Greek and Balkan Pre-and Protohistory Programme
Louisa D. Loukopoulou, Research Director Emer
Argyro B. Tataki, Research Director Emer

Katerini Liampi
Maria Panagiotou
Despoina Papakonstantinou-Diamandourou †
Giannis Pikoulas
Selene Psoma

Post-Doctoral Researchers
Elena Martin González

External Collaborators
Athena Iakovidou
Giorgos Mastropavlos
Giorgos Valsamakis

Former members of the Program
Antigoni Zournatzi


Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

“History and Epigraphy of Macedonia and Thrace”
Gabriella Parissaki, Paschalis Paschidis, Miltiades Hatzopoulos
A. The history of the client Kingdom of Thrace from the mid-1st cent. BC to the creation of the Roman Province (Gabriella Parissaki, part of the project within the framework of collaborative Project “Anavathmis”).
B. Corpus of inscriptions from the Second Macedonian District (Paschalis Paschidis, E. Martín González, Μ. Kalaitzi funded by the Agne and Michael Sakellariou Foundation, 2019-2022.).
C. Supplements to the corpora of inscriptions from Upper Macedonia and Beroia (Paschalis Paschidis, E. Martín González, within the framework of collaborative Project “Anavathmis”).
D. Local identities in an imperial context: the example of Roman Macedonia (Paschalis Paschidis).
E. New Inscriptions from the Sanctuary of the Mother of the Gods autochthon at Leukopetra (Miltiades Hatzopoulos, in the context of the publication of the new finds from the excavations at Leukopetra).

“Coinage of Macedonia and the Graeco-roman world”
Sofia Kremydi
A. Numismatic circulation and excavation coins from Macedonia.
B. The coinage of Alexander as the international coinage of the Hellenistic world (in collaboration with the University of Sorbonne-Paris IV).
C. Local Coinages under the Severi in the regions of Macedonia, Achaia and Thrace (in the context of the Roman Provincial Coinage project).

“Sculptured monuments from northern Greece”
Dimitra Andrianou, Myrina Kalaitzi
A. Archaeometric analysis of marble from Aegean Thrace (Dimitra Andrianou, within the framework of collaborative Project “Anavathmis”).
B. Macedonian Statue Habit under the Kings (Myrina Kalaitzi, part of the project within the framework of collaborative Project “Anavathmis”).).
C. Figured funerary monuments from the region of ancient Thessaly (Myrina Kalaitzi).
D. Technological investigation on the polychromy of ivory small-scale sculptures on chryselephantine funerary couches from Aigai, Pydna and Aghios Athanasios,Thessaloniki (Harikleia Breculaki).

“Painted monuments from northern Greece”
Harikleia Breculaki, Myrina Kalaitzi
A. Painted monuments from Aigai and Demetrias (Harikleia Breculaki Myrina Kalaitzi, part of the study is realized in collaboration with the University of Oxford).
B. Study of the Hellenistic wall-paintings from the «Tomb of the Philosophers» in Pella (Harikleia Breculaki, Myrina Kalaitzi).
C. Study and new reconstruction proposal of the hunting scene on the tomb of Philip the second at Aigai (Harikleia Breculaki).

“Polychromy and painting”
Harikleia Breculaki
A. Ancient Greek painting and its contemporary perception.
B. Technological studies in Greek and Roman polychromy.
C. Study of the wall-paintings of the Mycenaean palace at Pylos.
D. Study of the Archaic painted panels from Pitsa, in Corinthia.
E. Study of painted marble vases of the Classical period and of the marble sarcophagus from ancient Kition (Cyprus).


Recently Accomplished Research Projects

Collaborative Research Projects:
«Inscriptions and Coins: New Documents from Ancient Macedonia (InCoMac)»: funded by Action “Aristeia Ι” of the Operational Program “Education and Lifelong Learning” of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning, and Religious Affairs, in the framework of the NRSF 2007-2013. Duration of Project: 2012-2015.
Sofia Kremydi (Principal Investigator), Paschalis Paschidis, Myrina Kalaitzi, Dimitra Andrianou

The Project resulted in the following publications:
A. Corpus of the Inscriptions of the Third Macedonian District, vol. 2 (2015).
B. Corpus of the ‘autonomous’ coinages of the Macedonian Kingdom (MELETEMATA 79, 2018).

As well as in the creation of two digital platforms for the study of:
C. The inscriptions of the Second Macedonian district.
D. The excavation coins of Aigai (Vergina) and Amphipolis.

“Kyrtou plegmata. Economic networks and networks of power and knowledge in Greece from the Prehistoric times to Modern Age”
A collaborative project of the IHR (2012-2015), implemented within GSRT’s Action “Development of the Research Institutes – KRIPIS”, funded by Greece and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union under the Operational Program Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship, NSRF 2007-2013 and the Regional Operational Program of Attica.
The participation of members of the “Northern Greece” Program consisted in the administrative role of Paschalis Paschidis, and four studies in which researchers of the Program participated:

  • “Furniture as a social network of knowledge from antiquity to the preindustrial era” (Dimitra Andrianou)
  • “Numismatic circulation in Corinth and Athens during Roman times” (Sofia Kremydi)
  • “The army as a network: the settlement of veterans in Thrace in the Roman period” (Gabriella Parissaki)
  • “Drugs and colours in the Eastern Mediterranean. Ancient sources and historical manuscripts” (Harikleia Breculaki)


Individual research Projects (selection)

“Figured funerary monuments of the classical and Hellenistic period from Macedonia”
Myrina Kalaitzi

“Funerary reliefs from Aegean Thrace”
Dimitra Andrianou

“New research on Mycenaean painting”
Harikleia Breculaki

“Studies on the Roman Province of Thrace”
Gabriella Parissaki



Conferences and Events

International conferences

"Furnished Interiors in the Ancient Mediterranean and Egypt"
Session in the context of the Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Bern, 4-7 September 2019.
Organization: Dimitra Andrianou (IHR/NHRF), Geoffrey Killen (Independent Researcher, Great Britain)

« L’ hégémonie romaine sur les communautés du nord Égéen (IIe s. av. J.-C. - IIe s. apr. J.-C. », Athens, French School In Athens / national Hellenic Research Foundation, 11 April 2014, 21 November 2014, 13 March 2015.
Organization: Maria-Gabriella Parissaki (IHR/NHRF), Julien Fournier (French School in Athens).


Book Presentations

Publications 2017-2018:
December 2018 (Presentation of MELETEMATA vols 75, 76, 77, 78, 79). The books were presented by:
Vassiliki Machaira, Research Director, Acting Director of the Research Center for Antiquity, Academy of Athens.
Pierre Briant, Professor Emeritus of History and Civilisation of the Achaemenid World and the Empire of Alexander the Great, Collège de France.
Robin Lane Fox, Emeritus Fellow of New College, Reader in Ancient History, University of Oxford.
Olivier Picard, Professor Emeritus of Ancient History, University of Sorbonne-Paris IV, Member of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres of the Institut de France.
Selene Psoma, Professor of Ancient History, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Publications 2015-2016:
September 2016 (Presentation of MELETEMATA vol. 72, the Corpus of the Inscriptions of the Third Macedonian district, volume 2, the monograph of Myrina Kalaitzi on the funerary monuments from Macedonia), The books were presented by:
Elena Koundouri, Archaeologist, Director of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Ministry of Culture.
Petros Themelis, Professor Emeritus of Classical Archaeology, University of Crete.
Angelos Chaniotis, Professor of Ancient History, Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton.


International Congresses

Boreiohelladica. Histoires du monde des ethné. Colloque international en l’honneur de Miltiade B. Hatzopoulos” Athens, NHRF, February 2015.
Organization: Myrina Kalaitzi (IHR/NHRF), Paschalis Paschidis (IHR/NHRF), Julien Fournier (French School in Athens), Anne-Marie Guimier-Sorbets (University of Nanterre), Claudia Antonetti (University of Venice).

“Les Alexandres après Alexandre : Histoire d'une monnaie commune”, Athens, National Hellenic Research Foundation, 23-24 May 2014.
Organization: Sophia Kremydi (IHR/NHRF), Marie-Christine Marcellesi  (University of Sorbonne, Paris IV)

“5th International Round Table on Greek and Roman Sculptural and Architectural Polychromy”, Athens, Acropolis Museum, 7-8 November 2013.
Organization: Hariclia Brecoulaki (IHR/NRF).

“Mycenean Wall-Paintings in Context. New Discoveries and Old Finds reconsidered”, Athens, National Hellenic Research Foundation, 11-13 February 2011.
Organization: Hariclia Brecoulaki (IHR/NRF), Scharon Stocker (University of Cincinnati), Jack Davies (American School of Classical Studies, Athens).

“Phones Character Ethnikos. 5th International Conference of Greek Dialectology”, Athens, National Hellenic Research Foundation, 28-30 September 2006.
Organization: Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos (KERA/NHRF).

“Rois, cités, nécropoles. Institutions, rites et monuments en Macédoine”, Nanterre, December 2002 / Athens, January 2004.
Organization: Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos (KERA/NHRF), Anne-Marie Guimier-Sorbets, Yvette Morizot (Université de Nanterre - Paris X).



Autumn Lectures in Classical Studies (2015 - ): Annual lecture in Classics taking place at the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, with the collaboration of the British School in Athens and the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London.
Organization: Myrina Kalaitzi (IHR/NHRF), Sophia Kremydi (IHR/NHRF), John Bennet (British School in Athens), Greg Woolf (Institute of Classical Studies).

“Science in Society” – NHRF Public Understanding Events
“Alexanders after Alexander: History, Legends and Images”, Athens, National Hellenic Research Foundation 1, 8, 29 April 2014. Series of lectures focusing on the perception of the image and personality of Alexander in different periods and by different civilizations.
Organization: Sophia Kremydi (IHR/NHRF). 




The members of the northern Greece Program are in collaboration with numerous institutions in Greece and abroad. These include regular collaborations in long-term research projects, systematic collaborations in international research teams, or ad hoc collaborations for the study of primary material or the participation in research projects of other institutions such as:
The Greek Archaeological Service (amongst others collaborations with most of the Ephorates of Antiquities in Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace, the National Archaeological Museum (Greece), the Acropolis Museum, the Archaeological Society of Athens, the French and British Schools at Athens, the National Research Center “Demokritos”,  the Library of the Monastery of St. John the Forerunner on Patmos, the University of Athens, the University of Thessaly, the Ionian University and the International Hellenic University.
Institutions abroad include the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus, the Universities of Venice, Rome, Copenhagen, Sorbonne Paris-IV and Paris I, London, Oxford, Cincinnati, Missouri, the British Museum, research teams at the CNRS (France), The Courtauld Institute of Art in London, the National Research Center in Catania (CNR, LANDIS Laboratory), the Bulletin Épigraphique and the Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum.



Databases - Websites
  • Publication of digital collections on the internet within the framework of Project “Pandektis”.
  • The Macedonian Kingdom: The bronze coins (detailed descriptions, digital photos and bibliography for over 1,500 coins).
  • Ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions from Upper Macedonia, the sanctuary of Leukopetra and Aegean Thrace (texts, detailed descriptions, digital photos and bibliography).
  • Also see the two digital collections in the context of the “InCoMac” Program.


Prizes - Distinctions
  • 2020: Sophia Kremydi received the Georgios P. Economou Award of the Section of Letters and Fine Arts of the Academy of Athens for a study devoted to the History and Archaeology of Macedonia, for her monograph «‘Autonomous’ Coinages under the Late Antigonids», Meletemata 79, (Athens 2018).
  • 2018: Myrina Kalaitzi obtained the Centenary Bursary Award of the British School in Athens for 2018-2019.
  • 2015: Miltiades Hatzopoulos was elected Member of the Second Section of the Academy of Athens.
  • 2013: Sophia Kremydi was awarded the Robinson Fellowship from the University of Oxford.
  • 2010: Award from the Academy of Athens for the monograph of Dimitra Andrianou: The Furniture and Furnishings of Ancient Greek Houses and Tombs (Cambridge University Press, 2009).
  • 2007: Award from the Academy of Athens for the monograph of Hariclia Brecoulaki: La peinture funeraire de Macedoine : emplois et fonctions de la couleur (MELETEMATA 48, Athens 2006).
  • 2006: Louisa Loukopoulou was awarded the Bronze Medal of the Academy of Athens for her work.
  • 2000: Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos was awarded the Bronze Metal of the Academy of Athens for his work.
  • 1998: Miltiades Hatzopoulos was elected Foreign Member of the Second Section of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres of the Institut de France.




Meletemata Series

Les Alexandres après Alexandre : Histoire d’une monnaie commune, S. Kremydi, M.-Chr. Marcellesi (eds), Athènes 2019.

Autonomous’ Coinages under the Late Antigonids. S. Kremydi, Athens 2018.

Βορειοελλαδικά. Tales from the Lands of the Ethne. Essays in Honour of Miltiades B.  Hatzopoulos. M. Kalaitzi, P. Paschidis, Cl. Antonetti και A.-M. Giumier-Sorbets (eds), Athens 2018.

Les communautés du nord égeen au temps de l’hégémonie romaine : entre ruptures et continuités, J. Fournier, Μ.-G. Parissaki (eds), Athens 2018.

La mort de Philippe II : une étude des sources. M.B. Hatzopoulos, Athens 2018.

Memories in Stone: Figured Grave Reliefs from Aegean Thrace. D. Andrianou, Athens 2017.

Mycenean Wall Painting in Context: New Discoveries, Old Finds Reconsidered. H. Brecoulaki, Athens 2015.

Le pays entre le Strymon et le Nestos : géographie et histoire (VIIe-IVe siècle av. J.-Chr.). A.G. Zannis, Athens 2014.

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Coins from Maroneia and the Classical City at Molyvoti: A contribution to the History of Aegean Thrace. S. Psoma, Chr. Karadima, D. Terzopoulou, Athens 2008.

Between City and King: Prosopographical Studies on the Intermediaries Between the Cities of the Greek Mainland and the Aegean and the Royal Courts in the Hellenistic Period (322-190 BC). P. Paschidis, Athens 2008. 

Thrakika zetemata I. Under direction of L.D. Loukopoulou and S. Psoma. With the collaboration of A. Iakovidou, Athens 2008.

Φωνῆς χαρακτὴρ ἐθνικός. Actes du Ve Congres International de Dialectologie Grecque, Athens 28-30 septembre 2006. Under the direction of M.B. Hatzopoulos. With the collaboration of V. Psilakakou, Athens 2007.

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La peinture funéraire de Macédoine. Emplois et fonctions de la couleur IVe-IIe s. av. J. -C., H. Brecoulaki, 2 vols, Athens 2006.

The Roman Presence in Macedonia: Evidence from Personal Names., A.B. Tataki, Athens 2006.

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Index du Bulletin Epigraphique (1987-2001). Volume I : Les publications. S. Aneziri, N. Giannakopoulos, P. Paschidis, Volume II : Les mots Grecs. S. Aneziri, N. Giannakopoulos, Volume III : Les mots Francais. S. Aneziri, N. Giannakopoulos, Athens 1987-2005.

Multiple Concealments from the Sanctuary of Zeus Olympios at Dion: Three Roman Provincial Coin Hoards. S. Kremydi-Sicilianou, Athens 2004. 

Al di la dell'Olimpo: Macedoni e grandi santuari della Grecia dall' eta archaica al primo Ellenismo. M. Mari, Athens 2002.

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Les milliaires de la voie Egnatienne entre Heraclée des Lyncestes et Thessalonique. L. Gounaropoulou, M.B. Hatzopoulos, Athens 1985.


Epigraphic Corpora

  • Epigrafés Káto Makedonías (metaxý Vermíou órous kaí toú Áxioú potamoú). Tefchos V´. Méros A´. Épigrafés Álórou, Aígeón, Míezas, Marinías, Skýdras, Neapóleos, Édessas. Tefchos V´. Méros V´. Épigrafés Kýrrou, Gyrvéas, Týrissas, Péllas, Állántis, Íchnón, Evropoú, Voreías Vottías, Álmopías. L. Gounaropoulou, P. Paschidis, M.B. Chatzopoulos with the collaboration of D. Andrianou and M. Kalaitzi, Athens 2005. 
  • Epigrafés tís Thrákis toú Aigaíou: metaxý tón potamón Néstou kaí Évrou (nomoí Xánthis, Rodópis kai Évrou). L. Loukopoulou, A. Zournatzi, M.-G. Parissaki, S. Psoma, Athens 2005.
  • Epigrafés Káto Makedonías (metaxý toú Vermíou órous kaí toú Axioú potamoú). Part I: Épigrafés Veroias. . L. Gounaropoulou, M.B. Chatzopoulos, with the collaboration of P. Nigdelis and G Souris, Athens 1998.
  • Epigrafés Áno Makedonías (Elímeia, Eordaía, Nótia Lynkistís, Orestís). Vol. 1. Katálogos Epigrafón. Th. Rizakis, G. Touratsoglou, Athens 1985.


Other Publications

  • Figured Tombstones from Macedonia, fifth-first century, M. Κalaitzi, Oxford (Oxford University Press, in collaboration with the Institute of Historical Studies, National Hellenic Research Foundation), 2016.
  • The Furniture and Furnishings of Ancient Greek Houses and Tombs,  D. Andrianou, Cambridge (Cambridge University Press), 2009.
  • I Thráki ston ellino-romaïkó kósmo. Praktiká tou 10ou Diethnoús Synedríou Thrakologías, Komotiní-Alexandroúpoli 18-23 Oktovríou 2005. Edited by A. Iakovidou, Athens 2007. 
  • I chóra ton Piéron. Symvolí stin topografía tis. G.A. Pikoulas, Co-edition of the Municipality of Pieraioi Kavalas and KERA/NHRF, Athens 2001.
  • Beroia, cité de Macédoine : étude de topographie antique. L. Brocas-Deflassieux. Co-edition of the Municipality of Beroia and KERA/NHRF-Annex of Beroia, Beroia 1999.
  • Archaía Véroia: Meléti topografías. L. Brocas-Deflassieux.  Co-edition of the Municipality of Beroia and KERA/NHRF-Annex of Beroia, Beroia 1999.
  • Sídi: nomismatokopía, epigrafés kai istoría mias archaías ellinikís pólis stin Tourkía. Katálogos ékthesis. P.P Franke et al. Translation: K. Liampi, D. Papaconstantinou-Diamandourou, Athens 1990.










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