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The Greek Press

Programme objectives

The study of Greek press from its emerge until today. This study has the following main axes: a) systematic record of newspaper and other periodicals either published in Greece or abroad, b) study on specific matters related to Press (establishment of Athens Daily Newspaper Publishers Association and Athens Daily Newspaper Journalists Association, newspaper ’s political orientation etc.).

Main goals

  • Development, enrichment and re-organization of the Programme’s Database of Greek Press (which contains already more than 20.000 records of Greek newspapers, magazines and journals from 18th to 20th century) in collaboration with the Library of the Hellenic Parliament, the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archives (ELIA) and the Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI), in order to create a completely digitalized historical archive of the Greek Press, which will be interlinked, indexed and searchable using various parameters. 
  • Composition of documentary digital editions, starting with the complete journalists’ index of the Encyclopedia of Greek Press, 1784-1974 and other material on Greek Press.
  • Publication of monographs and articles focused on various subjects concerning the history of the Greek Press.



Founder of the program was Loukia Droulia, who worked since 1996 on this objective. The most important work was the publication of the four-volume Encyclopaedia of the Greek Press, covering the period 1784-1974 (edited by Loukia Droulia and Gioula Koutsopanagou), including approximately 2,500 lemmata, which contain profiles of the most important newspapers and periodicals published in Greece as well as abroad (in the Greek language), and a selective presentation of persons who played an important role in their publication (editors, directors, journalists, cartoonists).



Leonidas Kallivretakis, Research Director, Programme director
Loukia Droulia, Research Director Emerita
Katerina Dede, Technical Research Assistant



  • Εγκυκλοπαίδεια του Ελληνικού Τύπου 1784-1974 [EncyclopaediaoftheGreekPress, 1784-1974], Λουκία Δρούλια - Γιούλα Κουτσοπανάγου (ed.), Athens 2008, 4 volumes, 2421 pp.
  • Το Γλωσσικό Ζήτημα κ' οι Γαζετατζήδες της Πόλης [TheLanguageQuestionandtheJournalPublishersofIstanbul], Introduction V. Kechriotis, Afterword: R. Stavridi-Patrikiou, Athens 2002, 56 p.
  • Ο ελληνικός Τύπος, 1784 ως σήμερα Ιστορικές και θεωρητικές προσεγγίσεις [TheGreekPress, 1784 tothePresent. Historical and theoretical approaches], International Conference Proceedings (May 23-25, 2002), Loukia Droulia (ed.), Athens, INR/NHRF, 608 p.
  • Series: “Library of the Encyclopaedia of the Greek Press”
    • Magda M Kitromilidou, Η εφημερίδα Πάφος της Κύπρου, 1921-1950 [The newspaper PAPHOS in Cyprus, 1921-1950], Foreword by Loukia Droulia. Introduction by Petros Papapolyvios, Athens, INR/NHRF, 2005, 530 p.
    • Η Ελλάδα του Γεωργίου Α΄. Πολιτική κριτική του Μιχαήλ Γ. Σακελλαρίου στην "Κραυγή του εκπνέοντος Ελληνισμού” των Πατρών" (1910-1911) [GreeceduringtheReignofGeorgeIThePoliticalCriticismofMichaelG. SakellariouinthePatrasNewspaper "CryfortheExpiringHellenism" (1910-1911)] Preface: P. M. Kitromilides. Introduction: M. B. Sakellariou, Athens, INR/NHRF, 2009, 439 p.
    • Olga Cicanci, Πολιτικά ζητήματα της Νοτιοανατολικής Ευρώπης στον ελληνόγλωσσο τύπο της Ρουμανίας τον 19ο αιώνα [Political Issues in Southeastern Europe as presented in the greek-language Romanian Press in 19th c.], Athens, INR/NHRF, 2012, 168 p. [in Greek]
    • Vasiliki Vasiloudi, Η Εφημερίς των Παίδων (1868-1893). Περιοδικός τύπος και προτεσταντικά πρότυπα [TheChildsPaper (1868-1893): magazinesandProtestantidea(l)sforchildhood] Athens, IΗR/NHRF, 2013, 370π.  [in Greek]



  • The Library of the Hellenic Parliament.
  • Hellenic Literary and Historical Archives (ELIA).
  • The Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI).


Scientific Events

Organization of the International Conference “The Greek Press, 1784 to the Present. Historical and theoretical approaches” (May 23-25, 2002)



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