Mediterranean Transnational Technology Transfer

Integrated Structural Biology for Europe - Hellenic subgroup


Operational Programme ''Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship'' (EPAN II) 2007-2013 / Ministry of Development


Department for Greek & Roman Antiquity - Excellence 2nd Cycle
Survey results in Boubon (Cibyratis, northern Lycia) / 2004-2006


The Greek CORDIS website



National Bank of Greece Historical Archives
The National Bank of Greece Historical Archives were set up for the purpose of preserving and displaying archival material of National Bank of Greece deemed to be of historical importance. The material held in the NBG Historical Archives covers the Bank’s history from 1841 to 1966, while it also contains originals or copies of various archives of other institutions or individuals entrusted to its safekeeping.


Center for Neo-Hellenic Studies
Center for Neo-Hellenic Studies


The pan-European Gateway to business and innovation


European Science Foundation


''Research and Innovation''
The Greek website for research, technology and innovation


Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation