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Dr. E.I. Kamitsos

Director of the Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute
National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF)
48 Vassileos Constantinou Avenue
11635 Athens, Greece

Tel.: +30
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Efstratios I. Kamitsos is Director of the Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute and Member of the Board of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) since 1997, having served also as Director and Chairman of the Board of NHRF (3/2012-10/2013).

He earned a diploma in Chemistry from the University of Athens (1978) and a Ph.D. in Physical-Inorganic Chemistry from Brown University in USA (1983), where his Ph.D. thesis was awarded the Potter Prize in Chemistry (1984). He has served on numerous international and national scientific committees, including the Advisory Panel on Physical and Engineering Science and Technology of the ΝΑΤΟ Science Committee (11/2002-6/2004), the International Board of Advisers of the International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass, USA (2004-2007), and the Scientific Committee on Natural Sciences of the National Council for Research and Technology (ESET) in Greece (06/2011-).   

He has been visiting researcher at many academic institutions in Europe and the US. He has established and directed major research programs in spectroscopy and materials science with substantial funding from national and European competitive programs. His research activities involved synthesis, structural and dynamic studies of materials with technological interest, including low‑dimensional charge transfer compounds, polymeric and organometallic conductive materials, as well as oxide and chalcogenide glasses. Spectroscopic techniques like Brillouin, Raman, Fourier‑transform infrared, UV-Vis and fluorescence have been employed to study dynamic, structural and optical properties of materials in a broad frequency range. Spectroscopic studies are combined with dielectric spectroscopy to establish structure-property relationships in ionic conducting glasses. Modes of materials preparation, including laser- and electron-beam processing (ablation, phototransformation and crystallization), were investigated to modify materials properties for new technological applications. Emphasis is placed upon preparing and studying materials in thin film forms. His current research interests include structure and dynamics of ion conducting glasses, nanostructured glassy and organic-inorganic hybrid materials with advanced electrical and optical functionalities, and ion-exchange and thermal-poling processes to induce optical functionalities in inorganic glasses.

He has co-organized 22 international conferences, and has given more than 50 invited talks in conferences and academic institutions. His publication record includes more than 165 papers in refereed international journals, two international patents, 6 invited papers/chapters in books, over 60 articles in proceedings of international and national conferences and co-editing of 2 books. His published work has drawn more than 4,200 citations and has h-index=34.

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